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Artificial Intelligence In Real-Time

Digitize image
Incoming images, captured by a camera device, are converted to setpoints in a 3D space.

Identify an action
Our algorithm recognizes a set of movements performed by the user. 

Our system provides feedback to the user, in order to improve their posture and movements while counting the repetitions.


Training monitoring
Our system allows the user to track their progress by counting repetitive actions per each routine.

Motion assessment
Movement from the user is compared to a reference model, through a set of evaluation keys. 

Anonymous data capture
Our algorithms only store the set of points extracted from incoming images, without breaching the user’s privacy.

Success Stories

Futbolito Bimbo
Bimbo is the world's largest bakery company. Together with them, we created a gamified tournament to encourage children to exercise more. Through "smart training", participants followed their evolution and performance throughout a competition among themselves.